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Kid Rock Oprah Winfrey

Drunk Kid Rock Rants Called Racist Onstage About Oprah Winfrey Kid Rock desires the globe to grasp he HATES Oprah Winfrey (and different program hosts), It is right to say racist to Opera Winfrey. His boozy words, not ours. Country rocker and rapper Kids Rock was caught on video lashing out at Oprah Winfrey in an exceedingly vulgar rant whereas on […]


World Series Flasher

Julia Rose, the founding father of the agenda journal Shagmag, informed The post on Monday that she and one of her co-workers are planning more x-rated stunts in the league. In World Series, Flasher Julia Rose shows their boobs in the middle of the Baseball match & flashing their breasts. “We, in reality, accept some […]